WNBC in LA, Inc. (retrotargets.com) offers over 30 years experience using pressure-sensitive adhesives to solve difficult applications. These applications have run the gambit from satellites to medical products to Motorsports teams.
Our exposure to target manufacturing began in 1996 with a request to provide an assembled photogrammetry target capable of withstanding a ± 300°F thermal cycle. Currently, we offer a series of targets with a broad range of sizes and capabilities for photogrammetry.
In 2000, we began offering rolls of targets pre-spaced per order. With the ability to coordinate not only the type of target but the spacing, we offer our customers the potential for a significant time savings during the application of their targets.
Presently, our standard line of Retro-reflective Photogrammetry Targets is used not only by laser systems, but also white light systems. The operating conditions vary from freezing to 500°F and we have even sampled wash-away targets.  Our Target Tape DOES NOT REQUIRE A PRE-MASK They remove cleanly from most hard surfaces.  
Check our Contrast Photogrammetry Targets, for ambient temperature work. We would be eager to hear your results while using this series.

As every order is customized to your needs, if you have a special requirement in either construction or application conditions, we would be happy to assist you in your search for an acceptable targeting solution.


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As a leader in our field, we have sold Targeting worldwide, serving (hundreds) of clients around the globe.  Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us regarding industry and application related information.