I Targets





The I Targets offer the extended KAPTON® base design to facilitate removal.  The .001″ SILICONE pressure sensitive (psa) gives this series the ability to function in a ±300°F thermal cycle.  The thinner adhesive layer reduces the adhesion level attained, enabling easier removal.




IA Targets offers a .001″ ACRYLIC pressure sensitive adhesive layer for the base.  This adhesive reduces the effort in removal while offering an adhesive system that should pass the NASA out gassing test.  IA targets employ an extended KAPTON® base layer to add in removal after the thermal cycle ( ±300°F ).

Choose your own spacing per roll.


Both the I and IA target series can be pre-spaced in rolls of 1000, with spacing of your choice.  The targets can be applied in strips.  The carrier liner is burnished to adhere the targets to the subtrate, then the carrier liner can be removed (with a low angle of peel) leaving the targets pre-spaced  on the structure.
Retroreflectors are available from 3/16″ throough 1″ in size.
Metric retroreflectors are available from 3 mm through 25 mm.
Custom retroreflector size variations are available within the I and IA series.  To designate the retroreflective material that allows the target to function at 500°F add an “H” (i.e. I becomes IH and IA becomes IAH).
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