P Targets



P-250 Targets

P Targets have a retro-reflective reflector on a circular Black KAPTON® backing with a 0.002″SILICONE pressure sensitive adhesive (psa). The P-250 Targets, pictured above, withstand a thermal cycle of ± 300°F.


PA-250 Targets

PA Targets have the same Black KAPTON® backing as the P Targets. The A denotes a .002″ACRYLIC psa is used for this series of targets. The advantage of the Acrylic psa we use is that it will pass the NASA out gassing test. The ACRYLIC PSA we use is listed on the NASA Data for accepted out gassing Adhesives.
Retroreflectors are available from 3/16″ through 1″.
Metric retroreflectors are available from 3 mm through 25 mm.
To designate the retroreflective material that allows the target to function at 500°F add an “H” (i.e. P becomes PH and PA becomes PAH).
Custom retroreflective sizes are available.
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