H Targets





H Targets employ a Black KAPTON® base for increased contrast with the reflector.  This series of targets has a base adhesive layer of .001″ SILICONE pressure sensitive adhesive (psa).  This series is suited for thermal evaluations of ±300°F.





HA Targets offer the Black KAPTON® layer for contrast like the H series, the A denotes an adhesive layer of  .001″ ACRYLIC psa. The thinner adhesive layer reduces the adhesion level attained, enabling easier removal.  The series offers the high contrast of the Black KAPTON®, the ability to fuction in a thermal cycle of ±300°F, and a base adhesive that will pass the NASA out gassing test.

Both the H an HA target series can be pre-spaced in rolls of 1000, with a spacing of your choice.  The targets are applied in strips.  The carrier liner is burnished to adhere the targets to the substrate, then the carrier liner is removed (with a low angle of peel) leaving the targets pre-spaced on the structure.


Retroreflectors are available from 3/16″ through 1″ in size.
Metric retroreflector sizes available are 3 mm through 25 mm.
Custom retroreflector sizes variations are available in the H and HA series.  To designate the retroreflective material that allows the target to function at 500°F add an “H” (i.e. H becomes HH and HA becomes HAH).
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